As a caterer you need to be able to trust the products of your suppliers completely. That is why every frozen fresh dough ball that leaves our state-of-the-art factory meets the highest international quality and food safety standards. Add to that our extensive range and flexible production process and you have the ideal conditions for custom catering. We provide the building blocks, you offer your client’s guests an unforgettable culinary experience. ​

So how can we help? Our product specialists will be very happy to personally discuss your preferences and wishes with you.

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Why caterers choose us

‘Our seamless collaboration with Euro Pizza Products allows us to tailor our catering perfectly to the requirements of the customer’

‘No matter the size of the event, pizza is always on the menu. Because it’s a guaranteed hit with the guests!’

‘The introductory meeting with the production team gave us the confidence to start working together right away’

Any kind of dough; one supplier

No matter what your preferences are, we have the perfect dough for you. In recent years, our culinary laboratory has developed many delicious types of dough, from ones made from various vegetables to sourdough and whole-wheat dough. Got a winning idea? We’ll get right on it!

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Piazzola, our own brand of dough, was carefully developed for maximum convenience and a fantastic taste experience.


In addition to our premium-quality frozen fresh dough balls, we also offer a huge selection of toppings, pizza bases and other dough products.

Crusts and toppings

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