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Besides 100% natural frozen fresh own-brand Piazzola dough balls we also offer a wide selection of toppings, hand-shaped and punched pizza crusts and other dough products, including Lahmacun and Döner Kebab bread. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver all the products and ingredients you need to run a successful business. And of course, quality, food safety, reliability and flexibility are paramount. Let’s dough it! ​

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Our Product Range

No matter what you need to make an impression with your dough creations, our product range has got it covered.


We make our unbeatable Piazzola pizza sauce with fresh tomatoes from the Algarve. The perfect base for your own recipe.


Our creamy Mozzarella is a real classic. And cheese enthusiasts can also choose Triple Cheese: mozzarella, red cheddar and Gouda.


Give your pizza a boost with our excellent meats. Our range includes Chicken Fajita, Pork Shoulder, Chicken Shawarma and Spicy Beef.


Want to make your own creations with gluten-free rice flour? Our 12.5 kg and 25 kg bags will keep you going for a while.


We are you go-to supplier of Chicago-style deep pan pizza ingredients: wheat flour, water, olive oil, cane sugar, yeast, bread improver and salt.

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Countless market players across the world rely on our private label dough. Your own unique dough, freshly frozen and available in any volume.

Private label

Piazzola, our own brand of dough, was carefully developed for maximum convenience and a fantastic taste experience.


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