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The food industry never stops, and neither do we, absolutely not. Our dough specialists are always doing what they do best: keeping a close eye on the trends and developing ground-breaking new products. In recent years, our culinary laboratory has delivered many delicious types of dough: vegetable, sourdough, whole-wheat, you name it, we’ve got it. But there’s more!

Want to know more about our huge range of Speciality dough? Please ask! Or why not come and have a taste? No obligation, of course. We will be delighted to help you find the perfect match.

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House specialities

We offer a large range of Speciality dough. Each variant has its own distinctive flavour profile.


Same quality, texture and preparation as our other dough, but with 70 grams of vegetables and 11% fewer calories.

Ancient grain

Our firm Ancient grain dough contains flour from nine different grains.


Orange is the new snack! This healthy alternative to traditional pizza bases contains 11% fewer calories and 14% fewer carbohydrates.

Whole grain

Brown bread with a twist: as a pizza base. The wholemeal flour in this base gives the dough a savoury spin.


This dough is made with sourdough starter and dried durum wheat. 100% natural, 100% character.

Have you met these Piazzola classics?

With our authentic Italian dough, you can serve a crusty, traditional-style Italian pizza in no time.


American’s pizza innovators and the streets of New York are the inspiration behind our plump Original dough.


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