We know dough

The perfect pizza starts with richly flavoured base. That’s why we produce our frozen fresh pizza dough according to an authentic recipe using six 100% natural ingredients. GMO-free, without trans fats, and of a consistent quality. Besides the delicious dough variants of our own Piazzola brand, we also make dough for private labels. Premium quality frozen fresh dough fully tailored to your needs.

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Private label

Want to create your own dough recipe and sell your products under your own brand? Euro Pizza Products has your back. Countless European market players rely on our private label dough. Your own unique dough, freshly frozen and available in any volume.

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Why choose private label dough?

You’re in control of the iconic flavour of your dough products

No more messing around with different ingredient suppliers

Full control over the design of your product packaging

Our brand: Piazzola ​

Since 2005, our frozen fresh dough has been the ultimate solution for customers looking for a consistent quality product made from 100% natural ingredients. Our specialists developed Piazzola, our own brand of dough, carefully to ensure maximum convenience and create the ultimate taste experience.

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The world of Piazzola

Italian-style dough

Our authentic Italian dough allows you to serve a crusty, traditional-style Italian pizza in no time.

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American-style dough

America’s pizza innovators and the streets of New York are the inspiration behind our plump American dough.

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Speciality dough

Our broad assortiment of speciality pizza dough will give your clients a dining experience they won‘t forget.

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Crusts and toppings

Besides our high-quality frozen fresh dough balls, we also offer a wide selection of toppings, hand-shaped and punched pizza crusts and other dough products, including Lahmacun and Döner Kebab bread.

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