Hi, I’m Peter Struijke

Head of Production at Euro Pizza Products. Pleased to meet you!


Investing in the future

Since the establishment of Euro Pizza Products, the demand for quality dough products has risen steadily. As market demand grew much faster than our production capacity could handle, we could no longer put off investing in a future-proof factory with the latest technology.

State-of-the-art factory

We opened our state-of-the-art dough factory in 2013. The new production facility in Amstelveen managed to triple our capacity to more than 30 million kilos of pizza dough a year. You want it? Our factory’s got it. Food safety and flexibility guaranteed.


Our production is flexible and scalable: we provide the technology and knowledge, you determine the volume.


Our frozen fresh dough meets the highest standards in terms of quality and food safety.


Our dough makers keep a close eye on the trends and continually experiment with innovative products.

Quality consistency

Our factory produces tens of thousands of tons of dough every year. So how can we promise that all our products are healthy and safe? By ensuring every single dough ball meets the same high standards. Euro Pizza Products has held every single requisite food safety certificate for years now. Annual audits ensure that our entire production is always in line with the highest national and international standards. Our dough makers mix the ingredients according to a unique, authentic recipe that produces a consistent and distinct, recognisable flavour. Portioning, freezing and packaging of our dough is fully automated.

Get to know our products and customers

The perfect pizza starts with a richly flavoured base. Get to know our extensive product range.

Our products

Who buys our products? And what makes Euro Pizza Products such a reliable supplier?

Our markets

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