Our quality guarantees

Delicious and safe

There’s only one thing more important than good food: safe food. Any entrepreneur worth their salt wants to ensure that their customer does not have to worry whether the food they enjoy meets the highest food safety standards. More and more people are consciously working on their health. That’s why they increasingly tend to choose 100% natural products, like our frozen fresh pizza dough. So we are committed to doing everything we can to make sure we deliver on our quality promises.

Our Certificates

Our factory produces tens of thousands of tons of dough every year. So how can we promise that all our products are healthy and safe?
By ensuring every single dough ball meets the same high standards. Euro Pizza Products has held every single requisite food safety certificate for years now. Annual audits ensure that our entire production is always in line with the highest national and international standards.

BRC level AA

We are BRC-level-AA certified. This means all our products and manufacturing facilities meet the rigorous food safety and quality requirements set by the British Retail Consortium. The internationally recognised BRC-level-AA standard features a checklist of over 300 points. And because we deal with all these points with proper care and attention, you can be confident that our food is safe and of the best possible quality.


As a Dutch food producer, we can’t just call our products 100% organic without substantiation. To this end, our production process must meet a number of legal requirements. Skal Biocontrole is an organisation that monitors the organic chain for the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. If required, we can produce 100% organic Skal-certified products for our customers. Furthermore, none of our products contain synthetic e-numbers, so they are 100% natural.

If you have any questions about our certificates or want to know more about how we guarantee the food safety and quality of our products, contact us right away!

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