Piazzola Italian

​Authentic Italian Pizza Dough

Piazzola is our pride and joy. The perfect pizza starts with a richly flavoured base, and that’s exactly what our own brand dough is all about. Piazzola is available from virtually all wholesalers in the Benelux. The millions of dough balls that leave our production facility annually are all made with 100% natural ingredients and are 100% GMO- and trans-fat-free. Simply heaven. ​

Our Italian Piazzola dough is synonymous with a crispy, authentic Italian taste. Like a taste?

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What’s in it?

We select nothing but the best ingredients for our frozen fresh pizza dough. 100% natural, 100% GMO-free and without trans fats. Flour, water, salt, yeast, oil and sugar – that’s all we need to create long-life premium-quality dough balls.

Discover our Piazzola products

America’s pizza innovators and the streets of New York are the inspiration behind our plump American dough.


Do you want to give your customers just that little bit extra? Once again, we have your back: we offer a huge range of Speciality doughs for a unique pizza experience.


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