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The leading dough specialist. Established in 1993.

Your growth, our mission

It is our mission to facilitate your growth plans. We offer a huge range of frozen fresh pizza dough. But we are also happy to develop specific dough recipes on request (private label). Our premium products are available across the entire market.

Pizza chains
Pizza chains love our private label dough.
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Why wholesalers rely on our frozen fresh pizza dough.​
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How our dough saves caterers time and increases their flexibility.
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High-traffic locations
The benefits of frozen fresh pizza dough at airports and in food courts.
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State-of-the-art factory

​We opened our state-of-the-art dough factory in 2013. The new production facility in Amstelveen managed to triple our capacity to more than 30,000 tons of pizza dough a year. You want it? Our factory’s got it.

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The leading dough specialist

A sensational pizza experience starts with premium-quality pizza dough. And that’s why we never stop innovating and improving. Our latest beauties? Frozen fresh cauliflower and carrot doughs. The same structure, preparation and rich pizza taste, but with 70 grams of veg and fewer calories. Perfect for the health-conscious among us.

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Six magical ingredients

Our frozen pizza dough is made according to an authentic recipe with six 100% natural ingredients. Because the perfect pizza starts with perfect, richly flavoured base.


Pizza dough is mainly flour. This finely-ground wheat flour determines the baking properties and flexibility of the dough.


Dutch drinking water is among the best in the world. The filtered water we use has exactly the right pH value to make a perfect dough.


Salt is an essential nutrient for us humans. It is also a popular seasoning and an essential ingredient for strong and easily manageable dough.


Dough can’t rise without yeast. Add a little too much or too little and you’re going to have a problem. That’s why we’re so meticulous when we make the perfect pizza base.


Oil is pretty much the lubricant of the mixing process. It gives our pizza dough a beautifully uniform structure. Oil also holds on to water, so the dough remains smooth and elastic.


Sugar is much more than a sweetener. By playing with the ratios, we can manipulate both the rising process and the colour and texture of the pizza dough.

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