Tailor-made for wholesalers

The perfect pizza starts with a healthy, richly flavoured base, and that is exactly what our frozen fresh dough is all about. The millions of dough balls that leave our production facility annually are all made with 100% natural ingredients. We are incredibly proud that our own brand Piazzola is available from virtually all Benelux wholesalers. ​

So will our products be a valuable addition to your current product range? Our dough experts will gladly advise and assist you.

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Why wholesalers rely on us

‘Euro Pizza Products dough balls, pizza sauces and toppings have been making our customers happy for years’

‘The products are not just of outstanding and consistent quality, they are also delivered on time and with great care’

‘The Euro Pizza Products sales team has the patience and expertise to find a lasting solution to any problem we may come across’

The perfect match

Why is Euro Pizza Products such a perfect match for wholesalers? That’s easy: we offer an extensive, premium-quality product range, have flexible production facilities, and can deliver products on time across the globe. And if you wish to develop and sell your own pizza base, our private label dough is the solution for you. We make your dream our mission.

Piazzola, our own brand of dough, was carefully developed for maximum convenience and a fantastic taste experience.


In addition to our premium-quality frozen fresh dough balls, we also offer a huge selection of toppings, pizza bases and other dough products.

Crusts and toppings

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