July 23rd, 2020

Euro Pizza Products introduces frozen cauliflower dough

The current situation has taught us that we must treat our health with even greater awareness. After a long testing phase, we can now proudly present our cauliflower pizza dough. This frozen dough contains the same high-quality basic ingredients as our regular pizza dough with the addition of puréed cauliflower – approximately 70 grams of cauliflower per pizza. The same delicious, full-bodied pizza flavour but with fewer calories, fewer carbohydrates and more fibre. Tip The dough has the same structure and workability as regular pizza dough and is prepared in the same way. Offer it as a temporary pizza promotion or as a more health-conscious bread with soup or a drink. Cauliflower pizza dough is also delicious as a vegetarian calzone filled with vegetables and cheese and served with a salsa dip. Want to experiment yourself? Ask us for a sample package today.