July 23rd, 2020

Export Trends France

France conjures up images of the good Burgundian life: fresh baguettes, warm croissants, cheeses, crêpes and wine. But what about pizza? France is a pizza country. And a highly innovative pizza country at that. Research from 2016 concluded that France and the United States are the most innovative pizza countries in the world. French pizzaiolos invented a sweet pizza with apple purée, pieces of apple and a crumble on top, among many other ideas. Where America is the champion when it comes to pizza consumption, France is the runner-up. You can also find a large number of pizza chains and restaurants in France. Pizzas are a great success in retail channels too. There are big differences in culture, traditions and eating across France. This is also reflected in pizza. In the north, they prefer the American-style pizza with a thicker base. In the south, they prefer eating the Italian-style pizza with a thinner and crispier base. This can be explained by the warm climate, where lighter meals are eaten more frequently. In terms of the rest of Europe, the French pizzas are generously topped with local products and strong cheeses. The Pissaladiere is a French phenomenon. It is a combination of a quiche, flammkuchen and a pizza. The Pissalaidere is often eaten in Marseille, Nice and Cannes.