July 23rd, 2020

How to make the perfect pizza

Making the perfect pizza can be a challenge. Especially making sure that the quality is consistent for every pizza that leaves the kitchen. But there’s no need to worry! Euro Pizza Products helps you achieve the perfect pizza. Every. Single. Time.

What is considered ‘good’ dough?

The key to a high-quality dough is proofing it. During proofing, the dough rises and obtains its taste. If the dough isn’t proofed for a sufficient time, it won’t have proper air chambers, the color of the dough becomes very light, you will have big bubbles in the pizza, the taste will be negatively affected, and the crust will become hard and dry. In comparison with properly proofed dough; it has a lot of air chambers, the color becomes golden brown, the taste is on another level, and you get the perfect crust.

The pizza base

An optional extra step that can be taken, which isn’t seen in the video is docking, this is the process of sealing or crimpling the top and bottom layers of the dough together, much like spot welding is used to hold two pieces of steel together. It can be used to press out the airbubbles in the dough.

After doing this the pizza base needs to be stretched to make it bigger. Lastly, you’ll have to put the pizza base on a screen. The screens help with the air circulation and baking the pizza evenly, thanks to the small holes in the screens.

Topping the pizza

Putting the tomato sauce on the pizza might be the hardest part. It is very important that the entire pizza (except for the crust) is covered with tomato sauce, and there aren’t any ‘whiteboard spots’. The sauce holds the heat of the pizza, and when it’s not evenly sauced it will lose its heat on these uncovered spots. After this, you put cheese on the tomato sauce, the cheese is ‘gluing’ the ingredients to the pizza. The last step is to top the pizza with your favorite toppings. Enjoy!

Do it yourself

The frozen fresh dough of Euro Pizza Products is easy to manage and will result in a consistently delicious pizza. Curious about what it looks like? Check out the video down below!