July 23rd, 2020

Pizza and beer: The new iconic duo in English pubs 2022

Pubs were part of one of the hardest-hit sectors during the pandemic. Quarantine and government restrictions have continued to play havoc in the sector. The 2-meter rule has reduced the capacity by 60% in some pubs, with the implementation of table service only adding to the challenge. Read below to find out about the trends and developments in the pub market, how pizza can grow your business and generate more revenue.

What are the business opportunities for English pubs in 2022?

Pubs have been struggling during the pandemic, that’s no secret. But how can pubs make an ultimate comeback? Is there a magic trick? Unfortunately not, but what we can do is portray the business opportunities for pubs in 2022. We’d love to share the current trends and developments with you. If you’d like to dive deeper into the data of the English pub market trends and developments, take a look at the last blog of the potential of pizza in pubs in England.

A well-known fact is that the longer the customer stays, the better it is for a pub. A clever way to keep your guests longer in the pub is to provide food. Did you know that pubs that offer food show a significantly higher average order value than pubs that don’t?

Have you ever been enjoying your cold beer and then felt your stomach start growling for some food? Same! By offering food on the menu you can make sure to keep your guests in the pub for a longer time, so they don’t have to leave sooner to satisfy their hunger. This is just one of the many arguments why pizza should be on the menu of every pub.

Why beer and pizza are a power couple

Many pizzas and beers can be combined to enhance the taste of each other. For example, the classic Italian Margherita should shine on its own and not be overpowered by the taste of a heavy beer. As a crisp and clean Blond Ale contains malt, it makes a perfect match for the pizza. The sweetness is a nice contrast to the saltiness of the cheese on the pizza. Another option could be a 0.0% alcohol-free beer.

Are you looking to satisfy your hunger with a more heavy and stronger taste? The traditional Pepperoni pizza could be an idea! Combine the pizza with an ice-cold Pale Ale, which is characterized by its fruity taste. The fruitiness and bitterness contrast each other and boosts the taste of the pizza.

The controversial Hawaii pizza is best combined with a fruity beer. The sweetness from the pineapple combined with the smokey ham makes a perfect match with a fruitier and lighter beer. The hops in the brew beautifully evens out the taste of the pineapple on the pizza.

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How can English pubs implement pizza into their menu?

Not only do you make your customers happy with a nice ice-cold beer, but you could also provide them with a perfect pizza. The two strengthen each other, and therefore it is really beneficial for pubs to include pizzas on their menu. Our frozen fresh dough balls are easy to manage and handle, and we will guide and educate you and your staff on how to use it in the best way possible. Using the Dough Academy of Euro Pizza Products, you will be guided and trained to make the perfect pizza.

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